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  • Ectopic pregnancy

    The good news is that, for most women, an ectopic pregnancy can be treated and cured.If you're experiencing symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, you'll want to get to the doctor ASAP. The sooner you're diagnosed and treated, the more likely it is that your pregnancy will be saved.The first thing your doctor will do is take a sample of your blood or urine to test for hCG levels. If those are high enough, this  Read More

  • Placenta previa

    Bright red vaginal bleeding without pain during the second half of pregnancy is the main sign of placenta previa. Some women also have contractions. In many women diagnosed with placenta previa early in their pregnancies, the placenta previa resolves. As the uterus grows, it might increase the distance between the cervix and the placenta. The more the placenta covers the cervix and the later in the pregnancy that it remains over the ce  Read More

  • Vaginal bleeding

    Normal vaginal bleeding is the periodic blood flow from the uterus. Normal vaginal bleeding is also called menorrhea. The process by which menorrhea occurs is called menstruation. In order to determine whether bleeding is abnormal, and its cause, the doctor must answer 3 questions: Is the woman pregnant? What is the pattern of the bleeding? Is she ovulating? Abnormal vaginal bleeding in women who are ovulatin  Read More