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  • Monosomy x

    People assigned female at birth with Turner syndrome can exhibit certain characteristics during infancy and in childhood, as well as into adulthood. Many of these symptoms can be vague and aren‘t always easy to immediately connect to Turner syndrome. If you are concerned with your child’s development at any stage, it’s a good idea to talk with their pediatrician. Infancy Some signs of Turner syndrome  Read More

  • Mullerian duct-renal-cervicothoracic-upp...

    Irregular formation of female reproductive parts affecting the system is known as Mullerian Duct-Renal-Cervicothoracic-up…Causes:There is not just one cause of MURCS anomalies available. It could occur due to any of the below reasons:1. Developmental defect: The defect sometimes is mild with the detection of only a few problems or no problems. It happens when the issues provoke back problem  Read More