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  • Achard thiers syndrome

    The original description and usual emphasis in this syndrome is on the affected individual as a bearded woman with diabetes mellitus. In older women, the first clinical symptoms are often those associated with classic diabetes and may include abnormally high blood glucose due to the body’s inability to utilize insulin properly. Those affected may also have abnormally high levels of glucose in the urine, frequent urination, excess  Read More

  • Cystocele (fallen bladder)

    Cystocele (fallen bladder) is a condition where the bladder falls into the vagina and can cause incontinence.There is no cure for cystocele, but there are medications and lifestyle changes that can help manage the symptoms.The best way to treat cystocele is by using vaginal pessaries-the most common of which are Freshaire and Colpocleisis inserted into the vagina and holding the bladder in place. These pes  Read More